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Given the complicated nature of intellectual property law, it is increasingly important that businesses and developers have an experienced intellectual property attorney on their team. Most importantly, our IP attorneys provide services and information regarding your intellectual property rights. Our intellectual property law firm is in the business of protecting your ideas.

What is Intellectual Property Law

Do you ask the question "what is intellectgual property?" Intellectual property (IP) pertains to the creative works of authors, composers, designers, and inventors. Intellectual property laws guard those works from being pirated. When constructing customized intellectual property protection, our intellectual property law firm combines its experience with the clients’ needs.

Two IP Law categories: 

Industrial property:

  • inventions (patents)
  • industrial designs
  • trademarks
  • geographic indications of source


  • films
  • literary works (novels, poems and plays)
  • artistic works (drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures)
  • musical works
  • architectural designs

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