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Increasingly, software is playing a larger role in business operations. Because of this, understanding United States software licensing law has become essential for both developers and users. Software licensing typically gives someone else the right to use the code or software. These rights are defined by the software license, and usually they grant less rights than when a copy of the software is sold. Besides public domain material, all software is copyright protected. If you have questions, let our software attorneys assist you.

Software Licensing Protection

There are many strategies for protecting software. We counsel clients on legal hurdles that arise during development, sharing, and use. Our skilled software licensing attorneys have extensive experience drafting software licensing agreements to help clients avoid undesirable liability in the future. Our software attorneys will help you navigate complicated software licensing laws efficiently and effectively, so you can take full advantage of software licensing protection.

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Software licenses protect the value of the software. Rather than sell the software, many commercial software companies sell their products with software licenses. Distributor agreements and software licenses give more control to how software can be used. Contact our software attorneys to learn how our law firm can assist you with your software licensing protection.