Trademark Attorneys & Lawyers

While a trademark is usually thought of as a brand name, trademark law is complex, requiring extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures in order for trademark registration to properly and legally occur. Our trademark law firm protects identifying marks such as logos, designs, emblems, and names used in business. We strongly recommend businesses use trademark lawyers for trademark registration.

The responsibilities of trademark attorneys are:

  • Helping with adoption and selection of new trademarks
  • Filing applications for trademark registration
  • Trademark infringement counseling
  • Processing the opposition to a trademark
  • Trademark violations and trademark litigation

Trademark Registration, Infringement & Protection

Our trademark attorneys have extensive experience with trademark infringement prosecuting. A registered trademark owner may take legal action for trademark infringement to prevent unauthorized use. As it pertains, trademark registration is not required. A common law trademark owner can also file a trademark lawsuit, but an unregistered trademark may be protected only in certain geographical locations. We employ knowledgeable trademark lawyers that caninstantly help with trademark protection. We are ready to advocate for you.

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Do you need help understanding trademark infringement or trademark registration? Contact our trademark attorneys and let us help. Our savvy trademark lawyers know that hiring a trademark law firm is essential to protection what is yours.